The Important Info

AS English Literature Paper 2: Prose (Edexcel)

44 marks; 40% weighting; Exam length: 1 hour

Open book examination – clean copies can be taken into the examination.

Students answer one comparative essay question from a choice of two on their studied theme (the Supernatural).

Breakdown of Assessment Objectives (Prose is 40% of total AS mark)
AO1 Articulate informed, personal and creative responses to literary texts, using associated concepts and terminology, and coherent, accurate written expression
AO2 Analyse ways in which meanings are shaped in literary texts (language, structure, form)
AO3 Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which literary texts are written and received
AO4 Explore connections across literary texts
AO5 Explore literary texts informed by different interpretations NOT ASSESSED IN THIS PAPER

In this paper, students are required to:

  • show knowledge and understanding of how genre features and conventions operate in prose fiction texts
  • show knowledge and understanding of a range of ways to read texts, including reading for detail of how writers use and adapt language, form and structure in texts, responding critically and creatively
  • show knowledge and understanding of a range of literary texts and make connections and explore the relationships between texts
  • show knowledge and understanding of the ways texts can be grouped and compared to inform interpretation
  • show knowledge and understanding of the contexts in which texts have been produced and received
  • identify and explore how attitudes and values are expressed in texts
  • communicate fluently, accurately and effectively their knowledge, understanding and evaluation of texts
  • use literary critical concepts and terminology with understanding and discrimination
  • make appropriate use of the conventions of writing in literary studies, referring accurately and appropriately to texts and sources.

Text 1: Dracula by Bram Stoker (Oxford World’s Classics, 0199564094)

Text 2: Beloved by Toni Morrison (Reading Guide Edition. Vintage Classics, 0099540975)

Wider reading log. Please complete.

Supernatural Student Booklet

British Library on the Gothic

Spark Notes on Dracula

Spark Notes on Beloved

Session 1: Introduction to the Supernatural


Session 1 Intro Supernatural.pptx

Modern Supernatural Texts

Christabel extract

Comparing extracts grid


Session 2: Context


Session2- Context (powerpoint)

Context Beloved and Dracula (Word file)

Research Beloved and Dracula (grid)

Beloved by Toni Morrison- Context

Session 3: Comparing the openings: Narrative voice

Reading the openings

Narrative voice

Opening Chapters grid

Session 4a: Reading a difficult text

Reading difficult texts

Session 4b: Themes

4b Themes and comparisons.pptx

Vindication of the Rights of Women by Mary Wollstonecraft 1

A Vindication of the Rights of Women 2

Session 5: Narrative structure

Session 5 Structure

Session 6: Applying context

Resource A Contextual Material at A Level.ppt

The podcast below is essential viewing for context:

Slavery and Empire podcast

Session 7: Setting

Session 7- Setting

Freedom and slavery at 124 Bluestone Road

The Home in Beloved

Session 8: Character


Character project

Analysing key scenes grid

Mina and Lucy

Session 9: Dialogue

Session 9 Dialogue

Session 10: Themes and Motifs

Session 10 Themes and motifs

Session 11: The endings

Session 11 The endings

General Resources

How to write a prose comparative essay ppt

How to write an AS Paper 2 Prose Question

AS Prose essay Questions

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